Essential WordPress Security Tips You Have To Follow

WordPress is the best CMS out there, and it’s due to many reasons:

  • It’s completely free
  • You can customize it as much as you want
  • It’s very easy to use, even for newbies
  • You can make your content look amazing

But the thing is that, it’s amazing and everything, but you need to learn how you can protect your blog from hackers and other evil persons out there. That’s why you need to stay here and learn more about these essential Wordpres security tips, which will protect your blog from them. As simple as that.

Your Password:

You need to keep into account that your password should not be easy. It needs to be as strong as possible, and in order to do so you should follow the following guidelines which will allow you to craft a pretty strong password:

  • Use a mix between upper and lowercase letters
  • Use numbers between the letters
  • Use symbols like %, &, (, ), [, etc.
  • Use different types of symbols in different parts of the password

That’s it. If you follow these guidelines then we are pretty sure that you will craft a steel-like password none will easily surpass. Remember it.

A good example of an excellent password to keep your site from being hacked (don’t use it), would be: yT.i9*[9!-_.tYuI.o0.P.l

As you can see it’s one of the most important things to do when creating your blog.

You Must Limit Login Tries:

If you want to protect your blog from bruteforce attacks, then you need to limit the attempts to login in your site. It’s one of the most basic yet most effective ways to keep hackers at bay.

When installing WP, you must accept to use loginizer. This simple plugin will take care of limiting the login attempts so you can automatically ban any IP which tries to login to your site after a fixed number of failed attempts.

Change Login URL:

If you want to keep people from attempting to hack your site, then you should change the login URL. Plugins like Hide My WP can help you with this. Because thanks to it you can change your default login URL to something more unique so none expect you can find it.

Always Update Your Plugins:

Hackers can also get in your site if you don’t constantly update your plugins. It’s a very important step, so don’t forget about it.

And the same goes for your theme. That’s why you need to be smart and buy a legit theme, or at least use a free theme from the WP gallery.

You shouldn’t risk yourself with cracked or nulled themes, because this way you expose yourself to hacking attempts and other kind of problems. And you don’t want to deal with such events.

So here you have it. These essential yet powerful tips are going to keep your blog totally safe. Just follow them for every single blog you build and you will be alright.