WordPress Themes of CyberChimps Responsive Has Been Purchased by Hummingbird Web Solutions

Posted in Wordpress News on July 8, 2015

CyberChimps Inc. announced that they already agreed to be purchased by Hummingbird Web Solutions. Because of this, the CyberChimps’ intellectual property, WordPress plugins, themes and services, all of these will go to the new owner, Hummingbird Web Solutions. Effective immediately, Trent Lapinski, the CEO and Founder of Cyberchimps Inc will step down and the position Read More »

Smart Reasons Why Marketing Executives Are Using WordPress CMS for Their Corporate Websites

Posted in Wordpress News on May 21, 2015

Some Successful and Established Brands Using It; and the Myths Behind WordPress There are various reasons why WordPress is used in the corporate websites but this article will give you the smart reasons. Using WordPress Content Management System (CMS) makes every developer happy because of its extensibility, popularity and easy to use. The key is Read More »

Avoid Malware Infected Site? Use Themes from Credible Providers

Posted in Tutorials on December 22, 2014

Leading providers of high-performance CMS hosting have released statements that warn users of WordPress about several sites --- including more than 20,000 WordPress sites --- have been infected by malware like CryptoPHP. They warned WordPress users to take precautionary measures when utilizing the themes in WordPress and do away with using pirated themes as much Read More »

10 Points to Consider in Choosing a WordPress Theme

Posted in Tutorials on October 1, 2014

WordPress is one of the popularly known open source platform used by many to come up with a website that is appealing and workable. It offers wide range of themes that one can choose from. These themes can come for free and in premium, depending on the chosen theme. Choosing the perfect theme for your Read More »

A Guide to Making your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

Posted in Tutorials on August 13, 2014

Most people use their mobile phones to surf the internet, go to websites, check emails, and socialize; and it seems that there are no signs of this behavior to decline in the near future. In fact, mobile has become an important platform for several business owners to market their products and services with the use Read More »

10 Main Tips to Improve Your WordPress Security

Posted in Security on February 19, 2014

Considering that WordPress is running multiple websites, it’s expected that these pages are very in demand for both master hackers and script-kddies to attack. Actually WordPress websites don’t have that strict security system. This is for the reason that their developers don’t have that much knowledge when it comes to security or the utilization of Read More »

WP DB Backup

Posted in Security on December 30, 2010

WP DB Backup is the premier database backup plugin for WordPress. Simply install the plugin and then enter the email address you want the backups sent to. Choose the backup frequency based on your blogs activity. I backup once per day, because I receive a moderate amount of comments. If you receive a greater number Read More »

Things to Inquire from Real WordPress Developers

Posted in Tutorials on December 22, 2010

WordPress! Yes, we at Elementary Digital is using WordPress- the best CMS around. Its popularity is credited to its simplicity yet great featured themes that anyone can use. Even an amateur freelancer can have it with ease. But, it is of great importance to consider some things in getting WordPress. With that, here’s a list Read More »

WordPress Firewall

Posted in Security on November 25, 2010

As the name implies, WordPress Firewall is a firewall for your WordPress installation. This is a list of every feature and option: Detect, intecept, and log suspicious-looking parameters — and prevent them compromising WordPress. Also protect most WordPress plugins from the same attacks. Optionally configure as the first plugin to load for maximum security. Respond Read More »

WordPress Backup

Posted in Security on November 11, 2010

WordPress Backup isn’t a plugin I use these days because it doesn’t scale well for large blogs and I figure it’s best to just stick with tools that have continuity. But what it basically does is backup your blogs files (plugins, themes etc) and then send them via email just like the WP DB Backup Read More »

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